Tribal Handbags

Assembled from bold geometric patterned fabric, our tribal handbags make the perfect conversation starter! Made of vintage handmade fabrics and raffia, these bags are spacious enough for use as a handbag, or a carry-all during travel. Prices range from $290 to $310. Please visit our purchase page for details, or call 203 233 1230.


The More the Merrier: Cotton Quilted Necklaces in New Sizes!

Reversible Children’s Jacket with A Medium Bead 26″ Cotton Quilted Necklace

Everybody loves them! Recycled cotton quilts were refashioned  into beads of all lengths and sizes.   Two children and a mother walked into a New York department store to buy the child’s reversible jacket for the four-year old. The eight year old was upset, because the jackets did not fit her.  She wanted something, too.   So we created a 26″ necklace for the older children. And guess what? It became a 26″ classic length for women and our best seller.  We’ve got you covered, so you can  SUIT YOUR MOOD.

The Large Bead Cotton Quilted Necklace in a length of 34″

We then developed a large bead 34″ necklace.  Bolder, bigger,  better.

The Medium Bead Cotton Quilted Necklace in the 26″ and 38″ Lengths

For a more casual look, we created the 38″ medium bead, which looks great on its own, or layered  with the 26  ” necklace. The perfect length for dressing up or down.

Large Bead Cotton Quilted Necklaces in the 68″ Length

Making more of a good thing, and making it bigger, turned it into a masterful 68″ necklace with large beads. It can be left long for a dramatic flair, or can be wrapped around the neck once or twice to SUIT YOUR MOOD or what you’re wearing.


26″ Medium Bead: $60

34″ Large Bead: $88

38″ Medium Bead: $80

68″ Large Bead $144

To purchase a cotton quilted necklace, please visit our purchase page.

Cotton Beaded Mala Necklaces in InStyle!

I was so excited when  editors from INSTYLE saw my necklace in February, and asked if they could put it in their magazine.   I found out in late April  that it should be in, and the pictures were taken, but it was a not yet a confirmation.  Weeks later the confirmation was received.  I am new in the business, so this is a really big deal for me.  I was told the July issue would hit the newsstands on June 17.  Was I anxious?  Yes!   I ran around to every drug store in my area on that day, but no magazine.    Finally,  days later, I had Eva Longoria in my hands.  Quickly I paged to 74.   It took a second.  Where it is?  Found it.  And was so thrilled. Now I can really share what I always thought was a great necklace.  I mean, how many cotton quilted necklaces have you seen lately?   And that is why I am learning to blog , so I can connect with all of you.

We’ll be offering more necklaces soon.  For example, what would you think about wearing a painted silk necklace?  They are already a hit with the yoga set  in our area.  Follow our blog for more updates.