The More the Merrier: Cotton Quilted Necklaces in New Sizes!

Reversible Children’s Jacket with A Medium Bead 26″ Cotton Quilted Necklace

Everybody loves them! Recycled cotton quilts were refashioned  into beads of all lengths and sizes.   Two children and a mother walked into a New York department store to buy the child’s reversible jacket for the four-year old. The eight year old was upset, because the jackets did not fit her.  She wanted something, too.   So we created a 26″ necklace for the older children. And guess what? It became a 26″ classic length for women and our best seller.  We’ve got you covered, so you can  SUIT YOUR MOOD.

The Large Bead Cotton Quilted Necklace in a length of 34″

We then developed a large bead 34″ necklace.  Bolder, bigger,  better.

The Medium Bead Cotton Quilted Necklace in the 26″ and 38″ Lengths

For a more casual look, we created the 38″ medium bead, which looks great on its own, or layered  with the 26  ” necklace. The perfect length for dressing up or down.

Large Bead Cotton Quilted Necklaces in the 68″ Length

Making more of a good thing, and making it bigger, turned it into a masterful 68″ necklace with large beads. It can be left long for a dramatic flair, or can be wrapped around the neck once or twice to SUIT YOUR MOOD or what you’re wearing.


26″ Medium Bead: $60

34″ Large Bead: $88

38″ Medium Bead: $80

68″ Large Bead $144

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