Gold and Silver Silk Mala Necklaces

31" Silk Mala Necklaces in Dark Gold

The joannajohn Collection is excited to offer several new necklaces available for online purchase! Our silk mala necklaces come in a variety of lengths and all are sure to add a little extra glam into your wardrobe with a touch of gold and silver.

51" Silk Mala necklaces in Dark Gold

One of our most popular styles of the Silk Mala Necklace  is the 51″ length. This versatile and elegant necklace comes in three different types of painted beads: dark gold (shown left), gold (shown bottom),  and silver/gold (shown bottom right). All are handmade  using 100% silk. These necklaces look great hanging loose in a single strand or wrapped around the neck for a classic layered look.

In addition to the 51″ style, the collection also offers a 31″ length necklace available exclusively in the dark gold bead (shown top). The necklace can be worn alone or grouped together with several strands for a more dramatic look.

51" Silk Mala Necklace in Silver/Gold

Prices are listed below. (Please include the item number in your order):

51″ Silk Mala Necklaces available in silver/gold ( Item #5), dark gold( Item #6), gold (Item #7). $98 each.

31″ Silk Mala Necklaces available in dark gold (Item #8). $70 each.

To purchase a Silk Mala Necklace in your choice of gold, silver, or both, please visit our Contact Us page or call (203) 266-4800.

51" Silk Mala Necklaces in Gold