Cotton Beaded Mala Necklaces in InStyle!

I was so excited when  editors from INSTYLE saw my necklace in February, and asked if they could put it in their magazine.   I found out in late April  that it should be in, and the pictures were taken, but it was a not yet a confirmation.  Weeks later the confirmation was received.  I am new in the business, so this is a really big deal for me.  I was told the July issue would hit the newsstands on June 17.  Was I anxious?  Yes!   I ran around to every drug store in my area on that day, but no magazine.    Finally,  days later, I had Eva Longoria in my hands.  Quickly I paged to 74.   It took a second.  Where it is?  Found it.  And was so thrilled. Now I can really share what I always thought was a great necklace.  I mean, how many cotton quilted necklaces have you seen lately?   And that is why I am learning to blog , so I can connect with all of you.

We’ll be offering more necklaces soon.  For example, what would you think about wearing a painted silk necklace?  They are already a hit with the yoga set  in our area.  Follow our blog for more updates.