Always Stylish with Vintage Indian Fabric Necklaces!

Colorful fabric necklaces fashioned from vintage remnants

These necklaces are made from vintage Indian quilt remnants which are used to make our women’s  coats and jackets and children’s jackets.  Wonderful handbags are then made from  the leftover coat fabric and feature extraordinary details. Next come smart hand clutches and small change purses.  Last, but not least, come the beaded necklaces in a variety of lengths. NOTHING is ever thrown thrown away!  This “green” tradition of recycling harkens back to more than 700 years ago when thrifty Indians sewed together every piece of leftover fabric to make something useful and beautiful.

The astonishing color and pattern of the beads comes from the naturally faded fabrics, which give the necklace its vintage appeal.  Their texture is enhanced by the centuries-old Kantha stitchery.   Fun to wear by day, they can be worn casually.  Pile them on at night and you can be a Drama Queen!  WHAT’S YOUR MOOD?


2 thoughts on “Always Stylish with Vintage Indian Fabric Necklaces!

  1. They are for sale in the showroom of The joannajohn Collection, 346 Main St S Woodbury CT any Wed through Sat from 10 to 5:30 Shop phone: 203 2664800. Call us for more information.

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